About UK MakerFest

What is UK MakerFest?

It is the aim of UK MakerFest to bring together enthusiasts in the UK maker community by giving makers and hackspaces the opportunity to showcase their work and allow attendees to learn new skills, gain inspiration, and have fun meeting other makers.
The format of UK MakerFest is an exhibition space filled with stalls, talks and demos throughout the day.

Why UK MakerFest?

We believe that a lot of innovation can come from the maker community and that hackspaces are amazing places which allow makers to release their creativity. We want to provide a platform for people to share their creativity and unlock their potential.

About the organisers

UK MakerFest is being organised by R&R Space Ltd, which seeks to foster innovation and connect new skills with the space industry. Its directors, Ryan Bradley-Evans and Ryan Laird, are passionate about science and technology, and are keen to build more activities that support industries and communities to exchange knowledge and share a love for their work. One of the organisers has strong ties to the maker community from his work as a retired hackspace director.
The organisers have a track record of successful events which focus on people, ideas and skills. This includes Leicester’s first unconference, SpaceUp Leicester, which has been growing year on year, selling out every time.

Meet the Team

Ryan Bradley-Evans

Ryan Bradley-Evans Co-organiser

Ryan Bradley-Evans is a recent MPhys graduate of the University of Leicester working in the software engineering sector as his day job. He has previous directorship experience from his work with a local Hackspace and continues to hold ties to the maker community. He also has experience with public speaking, managing events and conducting science outreach.

Ryan Laird

Ryan Laird Co-organiser

Ryan Laird is also an MPhys graduate of the University of Leicester whose professional career spans the UK, Germany, Austria, France and the Netherlands, where he has worked to promote astronomy and space sciences at every level. He currently works as a freelance editorial consultant for the space industry where he regularly engages with the space start-up community.